Social and digital are natural extensions of what we do.

Some organizations implement social media marketing programs and see positive, tangible results. But most don’t. Let’s face it. If you don’t plan carefully, social media can feel like a big waste of time. 

Digital advertising (Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) is more predictable and measurable. But what channels are the best fit for you? Where do you even start?

The good news is that social and digital marketing have matured to the extent that we know what works best for our clients and what brings results that make a difference. In combination with public relations and other strategic marketing efforts, the impact can be amazing.

We have years of experience in social and digital to the extent that we’re completely immersed in it.  In fact, we don’t even talk much about “social media” and “digital media” these days. We just talk about media. It all works together.

Website messaging, navigation and design, blogging, podcasting, videocasting, social channels, digital ad buys: it’s in our wheelhouse. We also have the writing and editing skills that come with experience, the kind that make you and your message sparkle, on screen or off.

Slotkin Communications can help you develop and execute a manageable, effective program that drives results. You decide how much help you need to make it happen, and we’ll be there for you, whatever it takes.